despite finley’s first ever stomach bug two days before christmas (which is why she may look a wee pit pale in these pics…poor girl…), we had a wonderful holiday as a family of four.  as pat and i have had kids and bought a house, slowly but surely (actually, quickly and without hesitation), we have sort of become the hosts of everything for my family.  i love it.  everyone piled in my house and i don’t even have to change out of my pajamas! except we did manage to sneak out for church and our family christmas eve at my grandparent’s house.  (i’m stealing quite a few of these pics from other people btw…so if you see a pic you took – thanks!)

1531977_2455073906897_731787339_n 1016126_2455073466886_1605642332_n 1601553_2455063266631_870920120_nphoto(367)IMG_27871558420_2455075946948_698807106_n 1525513_2455075266931_967159017_nphoto(368)photo(369)photo(370)

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