3 things i hate that you love.

1. naps.


let’s deconstruct:

naps are one of those things universally craved and enjoyed.  because it’s a nap!  you get to SLEEP! in the middle of the DAY! christmas.

except for people like me who, first of all, can be as tired as the day is long and it’s still SO HARD to fall asleep.  and even if i’m close to falling asleep i really don’t want to let myself, due to the nap demons that follow.  because IF i do fall asleep for a nap(so, once a year) what happens is my body hurts and feels dragged through the mud and my mind hurts and feels dragged through the mud and i WHINE and i COMPLAIN and i THROW A GENERAL CERTIFIED FIT.

good for you and your napping.  i’ll be over here awake and better fit for society.

2. mashed potatoes.

this one is going to piss everyone off.  which really brings me some satisfaction.

so i’ll stop there.

3.  james taylor.

i’m so sorry i don’t like some perpetual-30-year-old-sounding guy who is ALWAYS smiling in my face with a guitar.  get out of here JAMES TAYLOR.  even your name is too nice.

okay that’s it.  are we still friends?

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