a 3 girls check-in

hey peep chickens.

  1. finley came down with a horrible virus late tuesday night, and so the past few days have seen me, at home, diffusing oils and making wellness concoctions and watching trolls, moana, AND frozen.  phewf.  it’s bizarre having finley be sick because she’s usually the biggest chatterbox ever, so for the house to be this quiet when she is home is…weird!  but of course, i am secretly loving having her home with me, and all the sweet cuddles on the sofa and extra snacks we get to eat.IMG_7252
  2. plum is now climbing our staircase. i call this phase of parenting: make sure your baby doesn’t fall down the stairs//choke on tiny things they pick up all over the house.  that’s about all i do with plum now, those two things.  here’s a sample:

  3. i’ve still been recording all the HILARIOUSNESS edith will not stop saying.  it is just so good!  i feel like sharing it will be a pick-me-up on this slightly blah/gray week:


e: mom, have you ever kissed a moose?  because i have.
me: down by the bay?
e: no, at the beach.  it was a swimming moose.
me: so you were swimming?
e: no.  i was on the sand, he came up to me and became a walking moose.  it was a magic beach.

e: swings are actually monsters because if you go higher and higher you crash.

me (watching edith swing really high): edith you’re a wild woman!
e: well plum is a wild woman baby.

e: mom, i have a story i want you to write and i’ll tell you what to write.
me: okay, what’s the name of the story?
e: the family walk.
me: cool name!  okay now tell me the story.
e: once there was a family that walked. they saw a bouncy head going by and they stopped because they didn’t know where they were. and then they picked it up, it was real.  and then they turned it into a bouncy ball and they played with it and then it came back to real life.
me: wow, that was a fantastic story.
e: i have one more.
me: what’s the name of this one?
e: a pirate and a princess walked to the mountains.
me: okay tell me.
e: once there was another family that walked on the mountains and they saw something and it was a bear he was a boy and he was nice and stopped because he didn’t know who was in the mountains.  then it turned into a bad bad BAD monster that was healed by the princess who had short hair.

the princess who had short hair.

of course.

okay bye!

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