james taylor, 1.

edith caught finley’s virus – her fever keeps spiking and she can’t seem to feel better. plum and i are both teetering with it, and i’m tired.

it’s a change of seasons, tom petty died, and the deadliest massacre in recent us history just occurred.

i wrote a post this morning discussing my feelings regarding gun violence in this country, but it’s a little too raw and unedited to share yet.  i’m going to sit with it and then circle back.

but i want to keep my heart open.

when i’m tired, and my spirit is sore, and my head is achy, music does this for me – keeps my heart open.  you know, music.  songs.  the ones that carry something spiritual and infuse you.

your songs may be different from my songs.

i invite you to explore yours – open hearts are the way to heal and change a hurting family; open hearts are the way in.

a while back i wrote a little post about things i hated that you loved.  james taylor happened to be on this list.

this has been my steady m.o.-  hating james taylor.  who am i if i don’t scoff at his songs?

but you know what?  we can change.

or, rather, we can wake up to what was already there.

remember that.


thanks james! & please forgive me.  this song of yours is everything for me right now.

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