this year.

this year, at the time of thanksgiving, i am thankful for my smiling, creative, helpful, spirited children.

i am thankful for the practice of yoga, which continues to challenge, inspire, frustrate, and heal my body & soul.

i am thankful for pat, and for my marriage. my union with him is sacred, real, romantic, and deep down. he is supportive, hilarious, intelligent, and hot af.

and, i am thankful for this blog, this writing space, this place i can keep coming back to. i am thankful to the readers and friends who have shown such support, warmth, and love to me through this medium. i have sometimes felt so vulnerable, exposed, slutty. i have also felt strong, empowered, and secure. this blog is a true reflection, an honest account.

thank you for being a part of that.

we are off to my farm for the weekend, and then we will be hosting friends in austin next week.

wherever you are, however you feel, whoever you’re next to: give thanks.

when you take in the deep breath of thanks, you fill up with the life all around.






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